Welcome to Rommie

Get your free Rommie site seal! Rommie is a website ranking and analytic site. It does more than offer you a hit counter. It offers your users peace of mind. When a user clicks on your Rommie badge they can check your sites safety, using the various links on your profile page.

Knowing your site is safe will increase your conversions. Users can also leave and read reviews. Seeing a real world third party review of your site increases the chances of your conversions. And you will have one click access to your own results, and a ranking system to see how well your site is performing on global traffic. Rommie is looking to move in to replace one of the worlds largest analytic sites while offering free value added like never seen before.

The site is currently in early release and we are currently adding more webmaster tools to the members area. We accept ALL sites top or Sub level domain, your industry does not matter, we want to cultivate a safe net for all, we cant do that if we exclude, so sign up today for free. Grab yourself a free site seal and a back link while you are at it!